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QBES 9.0 Upgraded to Sybase SQL 10

One of the most exciting enhancements in 9.0 is the upgrade to Sybase SQL 10.  This allows for more concurrent users (up to 30!), more actions in multi-user mode and greater speed.  This version seems much more stable right out of the box than oher versions at this time.  That is why I'm recommending that all of my clients make the switch now and not wait for a few months.  Typically, you would want to wait for a few months for the first maintenance release, but I haven't seen many annoying bugs yet.  I've been using QBES 9.0 for over a month now and have yet to run across any performance issu

Multi-Currency Capability Is Available with 9.0

The new QuickBooks Pro Premier and Enterprise versions will include a new multi-currency function.  It is a preference that must be turned on (but then never turned off).  You will need to choose a home currency and press enter.  Then you'll have the choice to categorize all customers and vendors by their home currency.  There is a new currency list located in the list menu.  That will allow you to update the currency values.  There is a link for US-based company's to update currency values with one click.  I have spoken to Intuit about also adding that update to non-US home currency companies.  The world is global now and it should be just as easy to conduct business with a non-US base currency.  There is also some nice gain/loss reporting.

I like what they have done with bills and invoicing.  You can easily see what the home vs resident currency value is when reviewing these documents.  Also all versions now support an 11-digit number (up from 8-digits).  That will make it easier to conduct business in other currencies (and to conduct business at higher dollar levels!).

Many New Features with QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0

Here is a list of new features available with QBES 9.0. It’s quite exciting actually!

  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Online Live Community
  • Online Banking Re-Designed
  • Homepage Dashboard
  • Multi-User Performance (No “Server Busy” messages any more in Multi-user environments)
  • Multi-User Backup (No need to get users out of the file to perform a back up)
  • Adobe Form Templates
  • QuickBooks Set up and Training Services
  • Accountant Client Data Review Tool
  • Intuit Statement Writer

QBES Version 9.0 Shipped Today!

For those of you breathlessly waiting for the new version of QuickBooks Enterprise, I am happy to tell you that Intuit is shipping the new version today!  It has many new features and enhancements (which I will cover in upcoming posts) that I'm sure that you will enjoy!

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