Materials Processing Corporation


Materials Processing built their accounting system based upon Microsoft Office Accounting and Microsoft just announced that they were no longer supporting the product. Located in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, Materials Processing Corporation is an electronics dismantler who takes old or broken electronics and gives them new life; either through the component parts or through resell at their restore stores. In September 2010, MPC engaged Mary to help them convert their Microsoft Accounting System to QuickBooks Enterprise. Things went so well that they converted their two retail stores to QuickBooks Point of Sale in the spring of 2011.


The electronics dismantling operation was controlled by a very complex Microsoft database. That database fed accounting information to Microsoft Office Accounting. When Microsoft ended support for the product, MPC turned to Mobile CFO to help them unplug Office Accounting and plug in QuickBooks Enterprise. Before the installation, Mary met with the accounting staff to train everyone on the inner-workings of QuickBooks Enterprise. In late December, MPC used the automatic translation tool to convert their Office Accounting file over to a QuicksBooks Enterprise file. After a few months of adjusting to the new system, MPC decided to connect their ReStore stores (in Mendota Heights and Minneapolis) using QuickBooks Point of Sale. Now all the accounting information is automatically fed from the database and Point of Sale directly into QuickBooks, freeing up accounting staff to concentrate on other tasks.


"It (QuickBooks Enterprise) just works"--Dino DesLauriers, CFO Materials Processing Corporation