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Certified by Intuit, we are a trusted expert in QuickBooks products.

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360 Degree Forecasting eBook

Learn this methodology through a forecasting overview, details of an income forecast, a capital forecast, and a cash forecast methodology. 

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Financial Coaching

See how we have coached businesses to take control of their financial operations.

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Whether you're looking to move to new financial software, analyze the data that comes out of your accounting system, or make financial plans to achieve a business goal, Mary Brettmann is the advisor you can trust to tell you the truth and lead you to your desired outcome.

Latest Posts

  • Inventory Aging Reports in Point of Sale

    “Is there any way to run an “aging” report for inventory in the POS? I know you can see it by looking at each individual item but it would be much more helpful if I could run a report and then pull all those items that are over 120 days old and throw them into an inventory reduction sale.”

    February 12, 2012
  • Interactive Inventory Reminders in Point of Sale

    Ever noticed that the blue sticky note on the home screen changes? It is actually an ever changing list of inventory reminders. The sticky note will tell you if something needs to be done in the inventory screen. So next time instead of ignoring the blue sticky, read it and follow it’s advice.

    February 12, 2012
  • Customize Your Program Buttons in QuickBooks Point of Sale

    Ever want to customize the home screen in version 10? Simply Right-click the side bar and choose the buttons that you want to use!

    January 6, 2012
  • Tips and Tricks for MISys Manufacturing Software

    “I’m implementing MISys SBM and I am getting ready to train my staff on how to use the software when I came up with a question. ‘How do I clean up mistakes?’ All the videos and training will show me how to do things the right way, but how to I fix a mistake?”

    December 13, 2011