Bemis Development, Inc., A Large General Contractor

Bemis, Large General Contractor

The Problem: The client, a large general contractor, was attempting to run all the financials of the business on his laptop–including payroll, job costing, contracted milestones, and performance monitoring–for over 250 job sites on any given day. It was becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to monitor performance for all the jobs in progress.

The Solution: QuickBooks Premier to the rescue! We networked the company file to an existing server (meaning staff no longer had to “share” the single computer) and went to work. Over a single weeend, we imported information from each job site as individual jobs. Then we entered estimates for each site, created items to match each milestone in the contract, and used the partial invoicing feature to create invoices for every completed milestone. ON MONDAY MORNING HE WAS ABLE TO EMAIL 100 INVOICES TO HIS CUSTOMERS. The business was growing rapidly, so rapidly in fact that, in a matter of months we upgraded to QuickBooks Enterprise. I urged him to hire a full-time office manager and additional part-time staffers to specialize in different areas. Shortly thereafter, he hired a full-time office manager with extensive experience in QuickBooks and construction companies.  I worked with her for a few hours, showing her what needed to be cleaned up and how the process could be improved. In a matter of months, they switched to QuickBooks enhanced Payroll and started to job cost. Now the owners can see how each site is performing relative to estimates.

I remain on call, going on site to solve problems when needed. The goal is to transition the owner to a “reviewer,” able to manage the work of the accounting department. Even with job costing and transaction volume increasing rapidly, QuickBooks Enterprise allows them to plan for the future and, at the same time, have the flexibility to work from home.

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