Forecasting with MIsys MRP tools


“Good morning Quint & Mary

Do you know if a forecast can be plugged into the MRP module of MiSys? I know it looks into QuickBooks for orders to create the Master Production Schedule, but can it look at a forecast to help create it? We want to give our suppliers a forecast that they are responsible for having the inventory on hand to fulfill it.”

wer (Thanks to Quint for the response):

Yes John, you would use a scheduling batch, and you can use actual sales for the products if you want to.  You specify the time frame you want to use, Then you can assign an increase or decrease as a percentage, you can offset the time frame of the actual usage, (so you are using sales, and you might want to back up the requirement by 45 days, or 3 months on items you are bringing in from overseas to more adequately prepare raw materials requirement) and then you can pull it through to its own MRP.”

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