Holmberg, Inc.: Misys and QuickBooks Enterprise A Winning Combination

Problem:   A family-owned specialty paper manufacturer had an old production system that was not meeting their needs. They were looking for a way to cut the high annual maintenance fees and at the same time, upgrade their infrastructure. They wanted a partner to training the system administrators and the database managers on the inner workings of the system. Their staff has a high level of competency and they wanted to leverage their in-house resources as much as possible for the data conversion and system customization.

Solution:   Mobile CFO went on-site four times within the conversion period. The first visit was strictly to install software and customize the network for the new system. We also provided some general training and guidance to the inner workings of QBES and Misys SBM. The next trip was to discuss the data tables and what data fields were best used in the new system. At this point, the Misys sure start coaches took the lead and assisted Holmberg in customizing the system for their needs. The final two trips were to work with accounting to setup and understand the accounting interface. Period-end in Misys SBM can be tricky and it is very helpful to have a consultant guide you Testominal: “Misys SBM and QuickBooks Enterprise are simple, yet very powerful tools. They deliver on what they promise and are an incredible value. Mobile CFO was with us every step of the way and eased our transition out of our old system into our new one. ”—Quint Thocher, Operations Manager Holmberg Company.

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