MISys Installation and Training

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MISys Installation and Training

As you can imagine, the installation and setup of manufacturing software can be quite complicated. But, if it’s important for you to closely manage the production process, it will be a worthwhile investment of your time and money. You’ll be building systems and gathering intelligence that can drastically lower your costs over time. 

The great power in manufacturing is the ability to measure variances in every step in the production process. This allows a company to understand the true cost of production process and to see where improvements can be made. It’s very hard to truly understand the cost of doing business without quantitative measurements of each step.

If you’ve been running QuickBooks alone, MISys Small Business Manufacturing (SBM) software might be slightly overwhelming at first. We think of MISys SBM like a very nice sports car.  It’s capable of running extremely fast and smoothly, but it can also crash. That’s why the initial setup and configuration is critical to a successful implementation. MISys SBM sells a ‘sure start’ program, which gives 60-day unlimited access to a MISys implementation specialist, like us!  

Mary Brettmann, our key MISys Manufacturing Software Implementation Specialist, has run production systems and manufacturing systems before and is very good at customizing MISys SBM for your business. Plus, she knows the ins-and-outs of QuickBooks and how the two systems can be integrated for maximum effectiveness. Mobile CFO will be with you every step of the way. From the data conversion to the monthly-close, Mobile CFO is your partner in MISys SBM/QBES installation and configuration success.

Realize the benefits for software designed specifically for today’s manufacturing.

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