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MISys software boxManufacturing is complicated. Instead of just reselling boxes, now your company needs to understand the process and the cost associated with creating each box. This need for a deeper level of understanding at each level of the production process creates the need for greater computer software and systems.

QuickBooks Premier/Enterprise will do a good job of assembling bills of material as well as pick, pack, and shipping goods. But when a manufacturer needs a computer system to forecast purchasing and production detail, and run the production floor, then it’s time to add MISys Small Business Manufacturing.

Designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise, it’s a very well-made and executed program (for a fraction of the cost of other manufacturing systems). Designed with the Microsoft Outlook ‘look and feel’, it’s deceptively easy to use. There are many levels and features that create an integrated manufacturing system.

The combination of Misys SBM/QBES is not only a powerful combination, it is quite a bit less expensive than the old MRP/ERP systems. It is not uncommon for a client to purchase and install SBM and QBES for roughly the cost of the old system’s annual maintenance fee.

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Software designed for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

MISys Manufacturing Solutions

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Eliminate purchasing errors
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Integrate manufacturing and accounting
  • Analyze production costs more accurately


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