Separating Lead Times in MISys -Order, Assembly, Shop Floor Control

Here is an email from MISys tech support. My client was setting up lead times and wanted to understand how lead times work in MISys.

PO Lead has basically 2 spots. The first (default) Order Lead (Days) is entered on the Stock Tab (Master Files | Items) of each Item. That’s used as the default PO Lead for things like a Scheduling.

When you Qualify a Supplier for the Item we use that default Lead Days as the default value for that Supplier, however you can modify the Lead Days for each Qualified Supplier for that Item (as it’s possible some Suppliers can get you the Item quicker than others).

So, on the Suppliers Tab in Master Files | Items (for each Item) you’ll find an Order Lead (Days) which is used when a PO is created for this Item for that Supplier, to drive the Due Date.

As for your Assembly Lead, the only way to get a breakdown of minutes for an Assembly Lead would be if you had Shop Floor Control. When you have Shop Floor Control you define Work Centers to reflect areas on the Shop Floor where production takes place. Those Work Centers have default Run, Wait, Queue, and Setup Times defined for them (to reflect the typical time it takes to process an Item through that Work Center).

Those Work Centers are then used to define the Routes for each of your Bills of Material to detail the flow of production for that particular Assembly. As you define the Routes you can then edit the default times of the Work Centers to suit that specific Assembly. The Routing times are then used to drive the Start/Completion Date when you create a Production Order for that Assembly.

Without Shop Floor Control the best you could do would be to use the Units per Lead value to specify how many of the Assembly can be built based on the Assembly Lead for that BOM. So if you could build 100 a day you could enter an Assembly Lead of 1 and a Units Per Lead of 100. That would make it so that the schedule and say when you created a WO Detail for this Assembly…any quantity up to 100 would drive a lead of 1 day. Once you went to 101 it would push the Start/Complete forward a day (for that next 100).

Check these out using our sample company and run through some tests to get a feel for how these work and then let us know if you have any questions. Take care!

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